Theme Installation & Basic Setup

1. Install WordPress

If you have not install WordPress yet, download WordPress here and install it.

2. Upload Theme

Before uploading, please take note that what you have download is the whole theme package which includes the user manual, sample date, change log, license, and the actual installable theme.

DO NOT upload the whole package or else you get an error message when you try to activate it.

UNZIP it first.

Please follow the step-by-step instruction below or click here to watch the video guide.

2a. First, you must unzip the theme package (called ncbn_do387Iej or something else) on your hard drive.

2b. After unzipping, you should see something like this:

2c. Open the Nichebarn Theme Pack folder and you should see its content.

2d. Open the Installable_theme folder and you should see the actual theme in zipped file.

2e. Highlight by clicking on it.

2f. Click Open on the uploader window.

2g. Click Install Now button.

2h. Wait while the theme is uploaded and installed.

2i. If theme is successfully installed, you can now activate it. Just click the Activate link.

Note: It’s time to move to a more modern and much better webhost if above method is not allowed.

Note again:. If for some reason, you can’t move to better webhsts, try to upload your theme using FTP. Here’s the quick guide: FTP Installation