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How Modify Website Using Theme Settings

The Theme Settings customizer control allow you to enable/disable certain theme elements while previewing how it affects your site in real time. You don’t have to worry about site visitors seeing abrupt site changes. The changes you make will take effect only when you click the “Save & Publish” button. How to Access the Theme…

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How to Change Website Colors

You have all the freedom to change the colors of your website to your heart’s content. Express your artistry and personality with your color choices and color blending. Keep in mind though that your site’s color can make or break your website. How to Access the Colors Section The colors section is divided into seven…

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Introduction to the Nichebarn Customizer

Nichebarn is a modern WordPress theme that supports WordPress Theme Customizer. The Customizer allows you to see live changes on your site while editing. This exciting feature works very well when changing your site’s colors and fonts. You can also navigate to different pages on your site to preview them. Take note that your site…

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