How to Setup Magazine Front Page

The traditional blog homepage simply displays your blog post list from newest to oldest. With Nichebarn, you can set your front page with a magazine style layout. That means you can display multiple categories with different styles and layout.

There are four easy steps to achieve this:

  1. Create a Front Page
  2. Set the Magazine Front Page Widgets
  3. Assign a Static Page
  4. Upload Featured Images to Your Posts

Below is a step by step guide:

Step 1: Assign a Front Page

1) Hover your mouse over “Pages” menu item then click “Add New“.

2) Create a Title for your page. Whatever you name it doesn’t matter as long as you know it’s for your homepage.

3) There’s no need to add content on the textarea. You can just leave it blank.

4) Go to the Page Attributes metabox. Under Template dropdown select Magazine Front Page.

5) Now, click the “Publish” button found just above the Page Attributes box.

Step 2: Set the Magazine Front Page Widget

1) Go to Appearnce => Widgets.

2) Open the Magazine Front Page Widget box.

3) There are four home posts widgets to choose from.

4) Drag one home post widget and drop into the open box. Let’s use Home Posts Boxed (1).

5) Let’s use Home Posts Columns (2)

6) Let’s use Home Posts Grid (3)

7) Let’s use Home Posts Single (4)

Step 3: Assign a Static Page

You need to assign a static page for your Front Page to work.

1) Go to Appearance => Customize.

2) Click “Theme Settings” section.

3) Under Theme Settings section, click “Front Page Settings“.

4) Now, check the “A static page” option then select the page you created in Step 1.

5) Navigate to your site and check your home page.

Four home posts widgets at work.

Step 4: Upload Featured Images to Your Posts

The Home Post widgets makes use of featured images as thumbnails so to make the front page more interesting, you have to set a featured image on each post.

1) Go to Posts menu item then click “All Posts“. Click Add New if you don’t have a post yet.

2) Click “Edit” link.

3) On the post editor page, find the “Featured Image” meta-box. Usually found on bottom right side.

4) Add your featured image by clicking “Set featured image” link.
5) Upload a new image or select one from your media library in the appearing media popup box.

6) You should now see your uploaded featured image in the Featured Image meta-box.

7) Edit your other posts and upload featured images as needed.